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Kunigami Gakuen :: Introduction [Dec. 5th, 2006|12:14 pm]
Kunigami Gakuen


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Welcome to the community! Before the story actually starts, we all know there has to be background information to understand first. =D Please take a look at this introduction to see the general information, Houses, Staff, and Student List.

General Information: Kunigami Gakuen is, of course, Unplottable, but it is located on the main island of Okinawa in Japan. Japanese students arrive by train, while students from other countries such as China and Korea are transported to Japan via airplane travel provided by the school. The school itself is built in the style of an Okinawan castle from the Edo period, only much larger than anything actually created in that time, with a central courtyard, multiple floors, dungeons, expansive grounds, and a Quidditch pitch.

Please keep in mind the year system is different than that of Hogwarts, it goes as follows -
1st year = 15
2nd year = 16
3rd year = 17
4th year= 18
5th year = 19

This was decided by the Headmaster due to the fact he found a general education in Muggle schools to be incredibly important.

The Houses: There are four Houses at Kunigami Gakuen, each with its own admirable qualities. Houses compete for the House Cup and Quidditch Cup each year, respectively. They are -

Audentia: The equivalent of Gryffindor. Audentias are courageous, secure, and ready to take chances.
Eroditio: The equivalent of Ravenclaw. Eroditios are witty, knowledgable, and good at planning.
Amicitia: The equivalent of Hufflepuff. Amicitias are friendly, open, trustworthy people.
Opulentia: The equivalent of Slytherin. Opulentias are determined, cunning, and know what they want.

Staff: While the staff at Kunigami Gakuen are referred to often as "professors", most students address them as "-sensei" or "-sama" in Japanese style.

Camui Gackt (Headmaster): The iconic leader of the school. It is well-known that he is a vampire, but he declines to feed on staff or students. Nobody really knows how he sustains himself, though many students would gladly offer their blood. He is the target of both respect and desire among the student community.
Kami (Audentia House Leader, Charms Professor): A strict teacher that always finds some way to have his classes be fun and entertaining. He is extremely passionate about Audentia's success.
Mana (Eroditio House Leader, Astronomy Professor): Famous for his 'odd' manner of dressing and often his lack of speech. He prefers to write notes when he feels a student has done well than speak to them, yet he is often seen engaging in quiet conversation with the Headmaster.
Yu~ki (Amicitia House Leader, Potions Professor): Yu~ki does his best to make sure each of the students in his House finds at least one subject they excel at and then aims to help their interest. He often makes bets with Kami-sama about who will win Quidditch matches.
Közi (Opulentia House Leader, Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor): One of the few teachers that often brings about fear in his students. He is really a very understanding male, but tends to be selective about which students see his real personality.
Kurosaki Yuu (History of Magic Professor): Well-known as one of Gackt's closest confidants, Yuu manages to make his history classes something to look forward to.
Hakuei (Transfiguration Professor): Hakuei is one of the teachers most students tend to identify with since he gives off a feeling of being much younger than he really is. Gossip states that he is romantically tied to a student.
Tomoko Kowase (Herbology Professor): Known affectionately as 'Tommy-sensei', Tomoko is a bright, bubbly individual who often speaks before she thinks things through. She tends to be motherly to students and gives them advice regularly.
Lee Jun Ki (Divination Professor): Many students take Divination once they reach third year simply to have class with Lee Jun Ki. It is well known he has a mix of envy and grudging respect for the attention the Headmaster recieves.
Hwanhee (Arithmancy Professor): In the classroom, Hwanhee demands perfection. Outside of class, it's quite likely he enjoys in the pranks students pull just as much as the students.
Kim JaeJoong (Care of Magical Creatures Professor): Soft-spoken, JaeJoong conducts his classes with a quiet grace that many students come to respect. He enjoys helping students plan for the many parties and feasts each year.
Kang Dong Won (Quidditch Professor and Referee): His only love is Quidditch, Quidditch, Quidditch. He often speaks to players from the House teams before games to help them settle their nerves. He gives first years their mandatory flying lesson.

Student List: There are roughly forty students per year, per House, for a total of around ninety students in each House, and about three hundred and sixty total in the school. This number fluctuates, obviously. It's impossible to list each student, so instead what you are viewing is a list of the principal characters in the roleplay - you must always assume the total of ninety per House. Also, many of the unnamed students are female - the school is not sexist, but the roleplay centers more around the male students.

Hide-zou (Fifth Year)
Shou (Fifth Year)
Ruki (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Miyavi (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Sung Kang (Fourth Year)
Kaoru (Third Year)
Yuichi Nakamaru (Third Year)
Hikaru Utada (Second Year)
Tanaka Koki (First Year)
Ueda Tatsuya (First Year)

Aoi (Head Boy) (Fifth Year)
Nao (Fifth Year)
Ruiza (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Leonardo Nam (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Die (Third Year)
Kamenashi Kazuya (Second Year)
Akanishi Jin (Second Year)
Aki (First Year)
Toshiya (First Year)
Jay Chou (First Year)

Tora (Fifth Year)
Kai (Fifth Year)
Uruha (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Shinya (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Tsuchiya Anna (Third Year)
Tsunehito (Third Year)
Taguchi Junnosuke (Second Year)
Hyde (First Year)
Tetsu (First Year)

Asagi (Fifth Year)
Saga (Fifth Year)
Reita (Prefect) (Fouth Year)
Hirohito (Prefect) (Fourth Year)
Ken (Third Year)
Kisaki (Third Year)
Hiroki (Second Year)
Yasunori Sakura (Second Year)
Kyo (First Year)
Jolin Tsai (First Year)


From: celestialshade
2006-12-05 10:04 pm (UTC)
Wow, this seems like a really interesting idea, I can't wait for it to get started. Good Luck!
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