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Kunigami Gakuen

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::Kunigami Gakuen is a roleplay based on the principle there should be an Asian magic school in the Harry Potter books. While the characters are all singers, actors, models, etc. of the lovely asian persuasion, we do not own them, nor do we own the principles used by the school which we owe to J.K. Rowling.::

Welcome to Kunigami Gakuen, the school for witches and wizards in the Asiatic region. Students are mailed a letter once they turn fifteen, and are expected to complete their magical education by age nineteen before becoming full-fledged members of the wizarding world. While at school they are expected to do well in their studies, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and form friendships.

For more information, please join the community. Please note that this is not an open roleplay; this is the creation of kaiamira and setos_puppy. Joining entitles you to commenting, giving us feedback, and accessing the roleplay. <3 Enjoy!